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I was leading a seminar of several business owners on App Development topic. Being a technologist and digital expert, it was a great honor to educate and motivate a group of leaders from various businesses in Sydney.

Key concepts of the session were:


With no Mobile App Development capability, what makes “Dabbawalah” in mumbai achieve a six sigma level of accuracy without spending a dime on technology for which large bluechip companies spend millions of dollars.

As professor Stefan Thomke of Harvard Business School, original writer of Dabbawalah case study, concludes, the key is the culture created by dabbawalah community. Nothing stands larger than the impact of culture on achieving this success. In my personal opinion, 130,000 + lunch boxes delivered by 5,000 dabbawalah on a daily basis without any technology with the six sigma accuracy is a job that deserves standing ovation.


“The Law of Attraction”. I personally and some people whom I know have experienced the success by practicing this law. I am not scientifically trained to describe what goes on in the brain and in the universe when you follow this law, but in a nutshell if you want something and could feel having it passionately and emotionally for a period of time, you are likely to have or achieve it.


Combined both First and Second concepts; that with the right culture and passionate desire to achieve an outcome by you and your team would enable you to achieve almost anything.

If you have any question about conducting this session at your work place, please feel free to contact me via linked in.

Cheers, Aussies Business Apps