• Dress Code Policy


    We encourage work place atmosphere that meets business requirement. The dress code policy aims to define appropriate business attire to ensure uniformity and employee comfort in the workplace. At the same time, our company should establish a professional image to its customers, employees and partners.



    •  To present oneself impeccably to colleagues in the Organization as well as to other Stake - holders of the Organization.
    • To give an image of the Organization internally and externally.
    • To improve self confidence among the employees.
    • To improve professional outlook.
    • To give a getup, which is befitting with the stature of Corporate / Business entity.



     This policy is applicable to all staff


    Dress Code: Monday – Thursday

    Employees are expected to dress in appropriate business formals/ business casuals


    Dress Code: Friday

    Employees may opt to wear Smart Casuals on Friday. In case of a customer interface please stick to Formal wear.

  • Objective

    To provide information about the different types of leaves and holidays available to staff. The leave rules have been formulated to enable the employees to maintain a healthy work life balance.



    •  This policy is applicable to all staff
    • Leave is calculated and credited on the basis of the Financial year
    • Leave for staff joining later in the year shall be calculated on pro-rata basis.
    • Leave will be calculated from the 15th of every month to the 14th of the next month



    • As per staff appointment letter



    • Leave encashment option is not available



    • Accumulation option is not available


    Leave – General Guidelines

    • In calculating leave, fraction of leave of half a day or more shall be treated as one full day’s leave, and fraction of less than half a day shall be treated as half day leave.
    • All employees should apply for leave in advance, giving sufficient notice to their respective supervisor / manager, so that the work in hand does not suffer. This however may not be possible in case of sudden sickness or unpredictable eventualities. In all such cases, efforts to communicate duration and reasons for absence from duty must be made to the office at the earliest.
    • It is mandatory for an employee suffering from illness which is contagious, infectious in nature to ensure that he/she is fully fit for duty before re-joining. A certificate to this effect should be submitted while re-joining by the employee.
    • In case sufficient leave balance is not available in any of the above categories and there is an exigency the employee may opt for leave without pay (LWP).
    • The respective managers are required to permit LWP for durations lesser than one week. In cases where LWP is more than one week, LWP may be permitted after discussion with department head and HR team.
    • Absence or unmarked attendance without supporting leave application can cause unnecessary problems. Such absence will be treated as leave without pay, so employees need to ensure to follow the process.
    • The HR will maintain the leave records of all employees. Managers are required to forward to the HR all correspondence and documents pertaining to the leave availed or proposed to be availed by the employee that has been received by them.
    • The Company reserves the right to change, amend or alter any or all of the clauses contained herein
  • Purpose

    To provide the company policy, standards and procedures for reimbursing employees for legitimate business expenses. Policies, procedures and standards are necessary for cost control, effective reporting of financial results and to meet government taxation requirements.



    This policy applies to all employees of the company who have incurred expenses on behalf of Aussies Business Apps.



    This document describes the expense guidelines that have been implemented at Aussies Business Apps. Employees will be reimbursed for ordinary and necessary expenses incurred on behalf of Aussies Business Apps in accordance with this policy and procedures.



    The following principles will apply to all expense claims:

    • All expenses must have relevance to Aussies Business Apps business activity.
    • All expenses must be approved by a designated VP manager.
    • Original receipts and approvals will be maintained.



    Employees are responsible for ensuring familiarity with, and application of this policy and procedures. Approving Managers are accountable for ensuring that approved expense claims meet the requirements of this policy and procedures. This includes responsibility for accurate and diligent review of expense claims for compliance.



     Employees, who do not comply with this policy, may be subject to delay or withholding of reimbursement. The company assumes no obligation to reimburse employees for expenses that are not in compliance with this policy.

    No employee is authorized to approve or agree to pay for expenses that are personal in nature. Other than approved per diem expenses, no employee is authorized to approve flat amounts of expense allowances that would be construed as taxable income.

    Reimbursements that are personal in nature are considered compensation to the employee and should not be included on expense reports as they will not be paid.

  • Introduction:

    At our organizations hard work and contribution must never go unnoticed. We wish to have outstanding performers have their name carved on the awardees list. Sustained and consistent performance by a single employee or team needs to be given due recognition.



    • Creating achievement orientation amongst employees and thus creating an organization nurturing performance and motivation.
    • Reward & Recognition for high performers.
    • Recognize every staff employee being a valuable asset of the organization, by participating & celebrating his / her special moments.



    All employees on the rolls of the company.


    Awards Category:

    1. Star Award
    2. Outstanding client service award
    3. Innovation Award
    4. Spot Award


    All awards are given on an annual basis.

  • Training and Development Policy


    We encourage all staff to continue their personal and professional development via continuous learning. Continuous learning not only provides updated skills to stay up to date with latest technology trends, but also makes a person confident.



    • To keep the required skills current and up to date
    • To improve the self-confidence and professional outlook
    • To provide a good impression to our clients and partner organisations
    • To invest in organisation’s future
    • To stay competitive in the market place



     This policy is applicable to all staff


    Core Skills

    Employees are expected to keep their certificates and licenses up to date and current.


    Additional Skills

    Employees are encouraged to acquire new skills which will help them grow personally and professionally. Some of the skills, important to our company are:

    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Empathic Listening
    • Document writing


    Reimbursement of Training Cost

    You will be entitled to claim part of your training fees as per your letter of appointment.

  • Gift Giving and Receiving Policy


    We encourage all staff to practice business and professional ethics during giving and accepting gifts.



    • To be transparent
    • To be compliant
    • To deal with integrity



     This policy is applicable to all staff


    Gift Receiving

    No employee will accept any gift, that is more than AUD $50, from anybody either directly or indirectly.

    If somebody has given any gift that is more than AUD $50, please either return it to them politely, or deposit with HR or your manager to be sent to our sponsored charity organization.


    Gift Giving

    No employee will give any gift, that is more than AUD $50, to any of our clients or partners, as a representative of our employee.

    All gift arrangements to clients or partners must be approved by your manager.

    All gift arrangements to clients or partners must follow the compliance of client’s or partner’s organisation’s gift policy.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


    We encourage all staff to contribute in our corporate social responsibility. We sponsor a few charity organisations such as StreetMed and Foodbank.



    • To give back to society
    • To encourage all staff to give back to society



     This policy is applicable to all staff


    Organisation’s CSR

    Employees are expected to participate in the events organized by our sponsored charities. We provide paid time off for those activities if they are held during business days and hours.


    Additional Charitable Activities

    Employees are encouraged to organize or participate in additional charitable events where they could help others in need.

  • Anti Discriminatory Policy


    We have a zero tolerance against any kind of discrimination. All discriminatory acts will be dealt with strict rules following Australian Anti Discriminatory Standards.



    • To provide equal opportunity to everybody
    • To provide and healthy, happy, and empathetic work environment
    • To be a good employer
    • To earn the trust and loyalty of staff



    • This policy is applicable to all staff
    • This policy cover all types of discrimination such as Age, Race, Gender, and Disability



    • A staff is free to complaint about any act of discrimination
    • They can initiate the complaint procedure in writing or verbally with their manager or HR or company’s senior officers
    • An immediate action will be taken
  • Consultation and Dispute Resolution Policy


    Consultation and Dispute Resolution are two key responsibilities of HR and Senior Officers of the organization. They are expected to take appropriate measures and next steps to to ensure that all dispute matters within and external to the organization are dealt with full attention, empathy, and integrity.



    • To resolve the disputes amicably and empathetically
    • To provide a great relationship experience to staff, partners, and clients
    • To always maintain the integrity
    • To be compliant and reputable



    • Internal Disputes
    • External Disputes


    Internal Disputes

    • A staff is free to complaint about any dispute
    • They can initiate the complaint procedure in writing or verbally with their manager or HR or company’s senior officers
    • An immediate action will be taken by the concerned manager or relevant HR officer
    • A 3 party meeting will be held in order to assess the dispute
    • Appropriate consultations will be organized with both parties separately as well as joined as applicable
    • An agreed solution and next steps will be finalized
    • The next steps will be reviewed and tracked


    External Disputes

    • Must be handled by company’s senior officers
    • An immediate action will be taken to organize a meeting with the external party
    • An amicable resolution will be encouraged
    • A 3rd party help might be taken if the matter is not resolved with direct discussion / consultation
  • Recruitment and Equal Opportunity Policy


    Recruitment and Equal Opportunity policy is aimed at following Australian standards of providing an equal opportunity to everyone who is suitable for a vacancy / position.

    We seek to follow transparent and fair process of recruitment.



    • To provide an equal opportunity to anyone who is applying for a role in the company
    • To stay transparent and compliant in our process
    • To be a reputable employer
    • To attract right and great talent
    • To contribute into our CSR



    • All recruitment activities
    • All internal performance management activities


    Recruitment Activities

    • Provide a detailed job description when advertising a vacancy
    • Attempt to advertise at least at one external channel as per company’s cost affordability
    • Follow a transparent and complete process for all candidates who have applied
    • Deal with the internal referrals in the same manner as with external candidates


    Internal Performance Management Activities

    • Encourage internal staff to apply to existing open vacancies
    • Follow a transparent and complete process with internal applicants as well
  • Union Policy

    We have a strict NO UNION policy.

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