Sales and Operations Ready

App Development

After completing the App Development and testing we go live with sales and operational readiness. It means that on the day of the live, you app will be ready to perform sales as well as operations as per the features that you have opted in your mobile app.

A sales ready app will be ready to be download and start generating money for you. There are two ways to monetize an app.

  • Pay on Download
  • Free Download with In App Purchases

In the “Pay on Download”, you start generating money at the time of the download itself. So if you get a 1000 download of your app at the rate of $5, you get $5,000 – app store’s commission straight into your bank account.

In the “Free Download with In App Purchases”, you start generating money when people purchase a package or service after downloading the app.

An operational ready app will be ready to be used by your staff / suppliers / admin / accountant on the day of going live. They will be able to perform their vital day to day functions on the app as it is setup.

  • Recording vital information on the app
  • Taking customer signatures on the app
  • Generating reports on the app

The app will play a very vital role in improving productivity and retaining customers.

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Thank you for visiting our website. In a nutshell we are an Australian company and provide end to end App Development services in Australia and overseas. This includes full development life cycle ( such as requirement gathering, design, development, and launch), Ongoing maintenance and support, Marketing support, and other business services that you may need after App launch. Please look at the relevant sections in the website for details of our mobile App Development services and processes. We also offer a complimentary website along with your dedicated App in order to make you up and running asap. Talk to us to get your App Development dream fulfilled..

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