Disruption cuts right through the industry impacting everyone in that industry.

However the impact of disruption is highest on the high performers in that industry when it comes to revenue and brand.

However the article is not about the impact. It is about how disruption finds its way in any industry.

How ironical it is that disruption thrives on the problem created by the industry itself which was supposed to solve the problem for which it was setup.

So what are the key issues that creep into any industry that a disruptive technology tries to solve?

1. Ease of doing business
2. Availability
3. Quality
4. Cost

Top 2 issues are mostly responsible for giving way to any disruption in an industry.

Needless to say that impact of disruption could be minimized by fixing these top 2 issues in a business. More important than that is that a disruption could give rise to an alternate if a business is ready or does not have these two issues.

In my future articles i will discuss the details of all these issues and ways to fix them to ride the waves of disruption instead of getting swept by it.
Thanks for reading. Will appreciate any comments.