Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Get Your Branded App

By using our shared Aussies App Platform


Howit works


We explain to you our business model. Very specifically that your branded app is going to be built using Aussies Business Apps platform that is proprietary to us. We will use the programming interfaces available in Aussies Business Apps to setup your branded app. For that you will pay a fixed price and then an ongoing monthly fee. Your setup will be branded for you and you will only own the published apps and nothing else. All the source code will belong to us. In case you choose to leave us in the middle of the project or post completion stop paying the monthly payment, your branded apps will stop working.


We first launch an as-is version of the branded apps (mobile apps and web app) that you were shown during the quote process. Then based on what you had asked during the quote process we configure the functionalities for you. Then we provide a training as per quote or you self learn and then you start using it

On Going

On an ongoing basis, you keep using your branded apps and the web access given to you. Once again they will only work if you will continue to pay the monthly fee as per the quote. If you choose to stop paying the monthly fee, these mobile apps and web access will stop working. And upon your request we will only transfer iOS and Android apps to you without any source code. Web access can't be transferred so that will just stop working. You can choose to save your data before stopping the monthly subscription. Or we can export your data in csv format as possible and available and give to you as possible for us. In some cases we may also charge some additional money to supply your data and perform app transfer.